Pingdom performance and page speed follow up

I’ve had a chance to work on this site a bit more and I’ve added a couple of third party script from Google, Analytics and Recaptcha. Since these are third party, I have no control over them and they will result in the the Pingdom tool complaining about them. Kinsta wrote a good article on the topic here.

I’m still pretty happy with the results though. A load time of 808ms where almost 3/4 of the time is spent on waiting for the server to respond is pretty good in my opinion. I added a couple of images to the front page, the total size of them is 47.36kb. Images can be made really small with not a lot of effort. Just crop and compress them, I like to use ImageOptim.

Pingdom page speed results
Google third party resources
Pingdom resources being loaded
Pingdom results of resources being loaded.

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